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Industry Quotes

Lisa Zambetti, Casting Director "Criminal Minds", "The Waste Land"

"Carla Betz is one of those actors who you wish you could clone...she can do any genre, and can go from being a world weary rural single mom to a sophisticated corporate executive in the blink of an eye. Every time she auditions for me, I feel like I understand the depth of the role I am casting much better."

Natalija Nogulich Actor/Writer/Director/Professor/Private Coach

"I've had the privilege of working with Carla Betz, both in Advanced Scene Study class and I've hired her professionally as well.  She is dedicated, prepared, confident, and more than all that - a gifted actress.  


With her musical talents, she becomes a double winner.  As a Professor at Art Center College of Design Film Department, I've hired Carla to perform a myriad of scenes, from Shakespeare, to Pinter, to contemporary film scenes, working with Graduate level directors, and she always went way above and beyond what was expected.

I would hire her again, in a New York minute."

Comedy Network Live review

Check out my interview and some fun videos on Cmedy Network Live!

Review for "The Rainmaker"

"N. Richard Nash's 'Rainmaker' comes to life in captivating local production...this romantic comedy tells the story of the Curry family, ranchers who in the midst of a devastating drought focus their attention on the romantic prospects of their only daughter Lizzie, sweetly portrayed by Carla Betz...wonderfully warm and funny cast"

~The Tolucan Times

Harold Pinter's "The Hothouse" review

"Carla Betz lends sarcastic sensuality to game-playing Miss timing and excellent performances..."

~The Tolucan Times

Daisy Rock Guitars Welcomes Carla Betz to its Artist Roster

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, the original girl guitar company, welcomes to its artist roster Carla Betz, the rockin’ bass player and backup singer to the uber-energetic punk-pop band The Trainwrecks.

Carla pops off animated performances which are skilled as well as fun to watch. She knows how to hold down the bottom end yet can interject inventive fills when a song calls for it. And when she’s on the mic, her backing vocals add even more to the already catchy melody lines...

The Women's Internatioanl Music Network Spotlights bass player Carla Betz

No Treble, the website for all things bass, recently spotlighted bass player and Daisy Rock Girl Guitars artist Carla Betz.  The multi-talented artist is not only a bass player, she’s also an actress that has appeared in several indie films, as well as TV shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

Reader Spotlight: Carla Betz

Meet bassist Carla Betz, who has one of the coolest stories we’ve read among the Reader Spotlight submissions. Carla is an actress, and it was thanks to her acting career that she became a bassist. Her credentials are a mile long, and her answer to the “superpower” question is a Tenacious D reference. How cool is that?...

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